For over 200 years we have supported the human consumption meat processing industry by further processing the animal co-products into edible meat fractions, feed ingredients for livestock, companion animals and fish as well as manufacturing pharmaceutical ingredients, edible tallow as well as tallow for soap, cosmetics and biofuels.

These valuable commodities are highly sought after both domestically and internationally.


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Ron Lyon Award


Rick Carter

Rick is an Agricultural Science graduate from Adelaide University and went on to complete a Master of Science degree in Animal Nutrition at Aberdeen University in Scotland.  On his return to Australia he was employed by the Veterinary Division of Bayer Australia in 1980 as a nutritionist where his involvement with animal protein meals and fats began in pig feed concentrates and petfood.  In 1984 Rick went to Canada where he completed a Ph.D at the University of Guelph before returning to Bayer Animal Health where he continued to work until 1993 when he joined Ridley AgriProducts as the Technical Manager for Ridley's Queensland operations.  Rick then joined Kemin AgriFoods in 1998 as the Technical Services Manager for Australia and New Zealand, so Rick's involvement with the rendering industry has been as both a customer and a supplier, as well as directly with the Australian Renderer's Association.

Rick has atternded every symposium, except 1997, and been a member of the symposium organising committee continuously since 2007 and took un the difficult task of getting papers submitted prior to the event for each symposium since 2011.  He has  contributed significant effort also by being a presenter at the ARA accreditation workshops since 2000, a total of over 20 workshops.

Tim Juzefowicz

Tim Juzefowicz

Tim continuously served the industry as a director for 14 years, being first elected to the position in 2000.

His ability to read and decipher technical documents has been invaluable to industry. He has championed many difficult issues, not the least being the carbon tax, and gaining an understanding to advise members of the options available to offset the significant costs associated with it.

Tim is a member of the World Renderers Association executive and scheduled to assume the presdiency in 2015.

The association appointed Tim to the position of Non-Executive Tachnical Director in July 2014 to assist the directors on technical matters.

Bill Trollope

Bill Trollope

Bill commenced engineering in the late sixties and joined Keith Engineering in 1972 working in New Zealand on rendering plant installations, returning to Sydney in 1973 to work in the rendering industry to gain operational and maintenance experience on Keith equipment. In 1976 he re-joined Keith Engineering taking up the roll of Project Manager and spent many years on design, construction and installations, covering all aspects of the rendering equipment manufactured by Keith.

Bill has held the position of General Manager since 1994 overseeing the company including the redesigning and updating of equipment to maintain and meet today’s standards.

He has taken an active roll within the ARA and has offered continued support to the industry over his many years in the industry.

Paul Stenzel

Paul Stenzel.

Paul has had a varied and distinguished career in both the meat and rendering industry working with South Burnett, Cominya, AMH, Gardner Smith, Brisbane Export Corporation and now Wilmar Gavilon.

Paul was National Vice President from 1999 to 2001 when he became National President of ARA until 2008. He forged a strong working relationship with AQIS in Canberra which has been an invaluable line of communication.

Has been actively involved in all facets of the Association's activities.

Kevin Pratt

Kevin Pratt

A native of New Zealand, Kevin has been involved in rendering all his working life.

He has been with Camilleri Stockfeeds since 1990 and been instrumental in that companies growth and development during that period.

Kevin has been a committed supporter of ARA activities and was a key player in the development of the Code of Practice.


Andrew Bennett

Andy came to the rendering industry after having been involved for many years in the beef and sheepmeat processing industry. He quickly became involved in assisting on committees beginning in 1993 and has been a member of the symposium organising committee since the very first event in 1991. He has chaired that committee since 1995. His significant network of international contacts has been of great benefit to the Australian industry in sourcing expert speakers to present at our symposia.

He served as president of the Association from 1997 to 2001 and was instrumental in the forming of the World Renderers organisation in 1999 and served as President of WRO from 2003  to 2005.

Bill Spooncer

Bill Spooncer AM

Bill has been described as the clear, outspoken technical expert of the rendering industry providing reliable technical advice to the industry, individuals and companies.

He was instrumental in developing the industries code of practice which has provided both protection and a competitive advantage for our rendered products.

He has run industry workshops for over twenty years, provided auditing services and technical advice to the association and members.

The author of many articles he is both articulate and credible.

Reg Evans

Reg Evans (Dec)

Reg started his career in accounting before moving on to trading tallow, fats and oils.

He became National President of the ARA on 23 August 1991 and held that office through to 19 August 1994.

Reg is seen here with his Ron Lyon Award and Honest Scales.


The Association sadly advises of the passing of Reg on 6 March 2018

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